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JLPT N3 Author: dc
we went shopping, and ate lunch
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Pioneer men and women had a hard life, and so did their children.
#5246 Author: Miki

The debate has been interesting, (and) confusing, and sometimes horrifying.
#5244 Author: Miki

I've done rock climbing and deep-sea diving and slept in rain forests in the jungle of Indonesia.
#5245 Author: Miki

He is happy. For onething, he's got a promotion and for another he has just got married.
#5247 Author: Miki

My mother was happy about the news, and so was I.
#5248 Author: Miki

Yoko igonored John completely, and he did the same to her.
#5249 Author: Miki

For one thing, I'm busy; (and) for another, I'm not interested.
#5250 Author: Miki

That painting is beautiful, and so is this one.
#5251 Author: Miki

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