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Without really planning to, ~ A phrase indicating that the subject does s.t. without paying much attention or that when, where, to whom, etc. s.t. took place is unclear.
Without really planning to, I spent all day playing computer games.
Edit  blabby
Without really planning, I looked ouside and saw anpanman!
Edit  #5177 blabby
Out of thin air...
Edit  #5180 blabby
I had not waited long before she turned up.
Edit  #5181 dc
She came up from goodness knows where.
Edit  #5182 dc
I was gazing absentmindedly out of the window, when suddenly a large crow flew towards me.
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I was looking around outside absent-mindedly, and suddenly a huge crow came flying at me
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While I was taking a walk, I came as far as the station without intending to.
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We do not know when, but my family started a tradtion of going skiing on New Year's Day.
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I was listening to the witness's story from behind without paying much attention, when all of a sudden, I realized that it contained an important piece of information for solving the case.
Edit  #8005 LR
Because I always heard my mother singing that song in Russian, I learned it without even trying.
Edit  #8006 LR
I couldn't tell from where, but a good smell wafted from somewhere
Edit  #8007 LR
Without knowing who they were in particular, he started to talk of volunteering to help earthquake victims.
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