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Edit  pan
and then, after that; Due to that
Then, what happened? /Due to a early frost, the apple harvest will be small this year.
Edit  pan
I overslept and, due to that, was late for work.
Edit  #5037 pan
I say we catch the 3 o'clock bus. Is that alright with you?
Edit  #5038 pan
And then what happened?
Edit  #5039 pan
Then you just have to fill out this card.
Edit  #5043 dc
That absolves me from further responsibility.
Edit  #5044 dc
In that case, I think you should come in today.
Edit  #5045 dc
It proved the truth of the rumor.
Edit  #5046 dc
That will save me a lot of trouble.
Edit  #5047 dc
Well, let's make it some other time.
Edit  #5049 dc
Uh, will you excuse me?
Edit  #5050 dc
Custom, then, is the great guide of human life.
Edit  #5051 dc
Well, I must be going.
Edit  #5053 dc
That's quite another thing.
Edit  #5054 dc
And open your textbook to page 10.
Edit  #5055 dc
Now let me entertain you with music.
Edit  #5056 dc
It will get you nowhere.
Edit  #5057 dc
My ill mother stopped crying but even after that my desire for studying overseas didn't change.
Edit  #6954 赤毛
"And you were in this room at six, weren`t you?” ”Yes".
Edit  #8445 karekano
So he came over to my place, you know.
Edit  #8446 karekano
She overslept, so that she missed the train.
Edit  #8447 karekano
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