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Edit  赤毛
One's intention; conviction; belief
I intend to do that; I am convinced that ...
Edit  赤毛
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I wish to be a doctor.
Edit  #6827 赤毛
My plan is not to leave.
Edit  #6828 赤毛
I do not intend to attend the meeting
Edit  #5010 bamboo4
I do not ever intend to do that.
Edit  #5011 bamboo4
We will leave in hour.
Edit  #5063 Miki
At the end of March we will marry.
Edit  #5064 Miki
I will stay at home tomorrow.
Edit  #5065 Miki
I am going to do it first thing tomorrow.
Edit  #5066 Miki
I have no intention of telling you the result.
Edit  #5067 Miki
He intends to visit the farm on Sunday.
Edit  #5068 Miki
She says she has no intention of having a baby until she's in her thirties.
Edit  #5069 Miki
She intended to withdraw all her savings from the bank.
Edit  #5070 Miki
She had no intention to quarrel with him.
Edit  #5071 Miki
Do you have the intention of becoming a conductor or something?
Edit  #6755 pingpongpaddle
I do not have intention to bequeath my fortune to my children.
Edit  #6833 赤毛
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