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nothing more than
nothing more than a rumor
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In one letter he remarks, "Life is but a dream".
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Women, then, are only children of a larger growth.
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Luciano might have the crowd behind him, but he's still wet behind the ears.
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Permanent peace is nothing but an illusion.
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In my opinion, permanent peace is nothing but illusion.
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All you're doing is trying to escape reality.
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That was nothing more than the start of a period of great confusion.
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Thats nothing but a dream.
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The circulation of the newspaper is only one-third that of its competitor.
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San Francisco is only one-tenth as populous as New York.
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Our world is only one small part of the universe.
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Your scheme is like a multistoried building built on the sand.
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Permanent peace is nothing but an illusion.
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I am nothing but a poor peasant.
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It's alright. I 'm just a little tired.
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Although rain forests make up only two percent of the earth's surface, over half the world's wild plant, animal and insect species live there.
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