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JLPT N2 Author: dc
a, per, each
this job pays ten dollars per hour
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#3822 Author: dbx

Only one kiss per yard.
#3823 Author: dbx

For quantities of 20 or more, we can allow you a special discount of 10% on the prices quoted.
#3824 Author: dbx

This beef is four dollars per pound.
#3825 Author: dbx

I buy the article at $3 a dozen.
#3826 Author: dbx

They were about 25 cents a pound cheaper.
#3827 Author: dbx

You can get ten dollars per hour for this job.
#183 Author: dc

There were 50 patients per doctor.
#8378 Author: karekano

She earns 3.000.000 yen a year.
#8379 Author: karekano

It costs eight yen a gram.
#8380 Author: karekano

At the office, regarding the lunch break, the rest is until one hour.
#7028 Author: 赤毛

The water expenses takes 3000 yens a month.
#7027 Author: 赤毛

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