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as soon as
As soon as the President arrived
Edit  dc
As soon as the company president entered the meeting room, the meeting started.
Edit  #4378 dc, Miki
We put a new book out, but the second it was published we started to get letters from angry people.
Edit  #6403 EvilKyra
It's possible that as soon as I started the sword fight, that that woman ran slipped into the grove and ran to call for help.
Edit  #6672 nazonatte69
As soon as the sumo wrestler snared the front of the opponent's sash, he tumbled him onto the ground.
Edit  #5303 Miki
As soon as the bell rang, the students left the classroom.
Edit  #7023 abhijeet
No sooner said than done.
Edit  #7022 abhijeet
As soon as my younger brother finishes dinner he starts his homework.
Edit  #7230 inukokoro
As soon as he came into the room in the morning, she got into a shouting match with him over the most trivial thing.
Edit  #4743 miki
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