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Since there's always a line of people in front of the store, I understand the fact that it's a popular shop.
Edit  #6101 rubyhatchet
Since the streets are maintained to look how they did long ago, and since there are lots of old temples, that town is called "Little Kyoto."
Edit  #6102 rubyhatchet
It follows from this that he must be innocent.
Edit  #4154 dc
Accidentally, the rumor has turned out to be false.
Edit  #4156 dc, Miki
To make a web, it starts by making a frame of this silk and fastening it to hard objects, such as trees or fences.
Edit  #4157 dc
Since the bridge looks like a pair of glasses, they call it Meganebashi.
Edit  #4160 dc, bamboo4
See us for everything from letters to signboards.
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'Scuze me all, but the subject's about Oshamu-kun so you're getting off topic.
Edit  #432 Amatuka
Because it's supposed to be like that.
Edit  #3268 bamboo4
Since this area has an abundance of good-quality water, people have come to begin brewing sake.
Edit  #6103 rubyhatchet
It has been understood to have rained last night because the road has been wet.
Edit  #7194 sureshnihon
As working together,our friendship has been began.
Edit  #7195 sureshnihon
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