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like, as if (metaphor)
he looked as if he knew nothing about it
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It seems like he has never met his father before.
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seems like it is alive.
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Why do you talk about him as if he were an old man.
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The child talks as if he were an adult.
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He knew everything, but he made a face as if he didn't know anything about it.
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Her face looks as if she spent the whole night awake.
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This gathering will be held as follows.
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Our attic is like [(as) warm as] an oven.
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When she smiled in her red dress, it was like if a beautiful flower was opening.
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Even if we are only at the beginning of March, the weather is very hot. It's as if summer has already come.
Edit  #6748 赤毛
She looks (like) an able woman.
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