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regarding, about
lets talk about the project
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regarding the plan
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regarding my going there
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I want a book regarding the usage of computers.
Edit  #5815 Meghana
We talked about our hobbies.
Edit  #8368 karekano
She wrote an essay on travel.
Edit  #8369 karekano
The newspaper had a long report on the earthquake.
Edit  #8370 karekano
Please keep me informed of the matter.
Edit  #8371 karekano
The judge has charged the jury to make a fair decision in the case.
Edit  #8372 karekano
Who is responsible to the parents for the education of the children?
Edit  #8373 karekano
What is your attitude to the accident?
Edit  #8374 karekano
He is quite indifferent as to the outcome.
Edit  #8375 karekano
I want to mention [touch upon] the release of our new software edition at the banquet.
Edit  #292 Amatuka
How about Noon'ish?
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