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even though (it is) ; for
its a cold day for June
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Even though he's old, he looks young.
Edit  #355 dc
For (eg: even though he is) a rich person, he drives an old car.
Edit  #359 dc, Miki
It is a cold morning for June.
Edit  #3515 dbx
For a man of seventy he still has surprising vigour.
Edit  #3516 dbx
This hotel is relatively expensive for this town.
Edit  #3517 dbx
This warm weather is abnormal for February.
Edit  #3518 dbx
It was out of the ordinary for Chris to behave so roughly.
Edit  #3520 dbx
You shouldn't count on others for help.
Edit  #3521 dbx
Billy is very tall for his age.
Edit  #3523 dbx
You must not rely too much on appearance.
Edit  #3524 dbx
You are doing well for a cub reporter.
Edit  #3526 dbx
You shouldn't do things by halves.
Edit  #3528 dbx
It goes without saying that Rome was not built in a day.
Edit  #3529 dbx
What do you say calling it a day.
Edit  #3531 dbx
The price is kind of high for a used car.
Edit  #6074 maky
For a foreigner, his Japanese is very good.
Edit  #6580 hana
You washed it? Even still, it's not clean, is it?
Edit  #6581 hana
Without much practice, I think I can still do it well.
Edit  #8706 masakitenchi
Despite being a taxi driver , he doesn't even know the way.
Edit  #3519 dbx
For somebody which makes cakes for the fist time, she did it very well.
Edit  #3522 dbx
Despite being in primary school , this child is studying really good.
Edit  #3525 dbx
He looks surprisingly old for someone in his 20s.
Edit  #3527 dbx
It's a warm day for this jogging for an hour
Edit  #3530 dbx
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