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JLPT N1 Author: dc
Once [things have] reached the point at which...; (Only) now that it has come to this...
Expresses that it is already late in the game. // in an extreme instance //at this moment [point] (in time)
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someone who is on the verge of bankruptcy but hasn't been through bankruptcy
#5300 Author: dc

When the university students reached the stage of their exams, they finally got motivation.
#5301 Author: blabby

Suicide due to bullying has reached the level of being one of society’s problems. Therefore, finally the ministry of education has decided to act.
#5302 Author: blabby

It took thousands of earthquake casualties before the importance of crisis management could finally be called for.
#7795 Author: inakaluke

It took his closest confident resigning before the company president awoke to his own fault.
#7796 Author: inakaluke

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