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in place of; instead of
instead of milk, sweetener
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This morning, instead of coffee, I drank cocoa
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instead of talking
Edit  #1026 d4
instead of being expensive
Edit  #1027 d4
In place of my teacher, I taught.
Edit  #1168 dc
Would you mind carrying it up the stairs for me?
Edit  #3498 dbx
I wish you to go there instead.
Edit  #3499 dbx
Instead of laying off these workers, why don't we just cut their hours?
Edit  #3500 dbx
Keep an eye on the child for me for a moment.
Edit  #3502 dbx
Instead, I will turn to a discussion of the two economic variables I defined a moment ago.
Edit  #3503 dbx
I think it is better to buy 3CDs instead of going to a musical concert.
Edit  #5810 Meghana
I have run out of beer. Drink some whisky instead.
Edit  #8219 karekano
Instead of bowing, American people shake hands.
Edit  #8220 karekano
This rock will do for a hammer.
Edit  #8222 karekano
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