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JLPT N2 Author: dc
in that way
Didn't it turn out the way I said?
It's okay. If you do it just like the manual says, it'll work.
#6256 Author: rubyhatchet

Just as my doctor instructed, I decided to exercise every day.
#6259 Author: rubyhatchet

Didn't it come out to be the way I said?
#814 Author: Amatuka

That's right !
#3128 Author: bi-ru

That question has answers in three ways.
#3145 Author: bamboo4

Would you mind if I browse through them first?
#3146 Author: bamboo4

Just like the prediction, the Japan team won.
#79 Author: dc

She's back to her original energetic self.
#381 Author: Amatuka

Just as predicted , it started raining in the afternoon.
#6258 Author: rubyhatchet

At yesterday's soccer game, Country A won just as expected .
#6257 Author: rubyhatchet

The rule can be read several ways.
#8489 Author: karekano

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