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JLPT N2 Author: dc
since this is secret
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This information was given to me in confidence, so I can't tell you anything.
#3129 Author: dc

Since it is quite true, grumbling about it now does not get you anywhere.
#3131 Author: bamboo4

Liking children the way she does Sue should become a teacher.
#3556 Author: dbx

It is a fine day and I feel like going fishing.
#3559 Author: dbx

Because my mother is sick, my father will cook today.
#3560 Author: dbx

This is the reason I disagree with you.
#3561 Author: dbx

Please put those chairs away. As they are in the way.
#3557 Author: dbx

The thing is , I asked for earphones.
#3558 Author: dbx

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