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If s.o. does s.t for even a moment, the following result will necessarily occur • Once someone starts something, the person can’t stop it
If the boss even touches the mic for a second, he won't let anyone else sing karaoke ALL night
〜したら • いったん〜たらそのまま • いったん〜たら必ず
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Such a restroom that once you enter in it, you wont ever want to come out. (Ex:http://vgzh.dtdns.net/mt/images/rotorooter.jpg)
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He is such karaoke fan that if only he gets his hands on the mike he wouldn’t drop it all night.
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Whoever finds us will take the pearl. [M]
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It was so delicious that once I started eating, I couldn’t stop.
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The opening sentence is good. "I want you to listen to the following story". If you just obediently lean in your ears, it's certain that you won't be able to stop (reading). (Nikkei book review)
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If a man so much as steps inside, he won't return alive from this hellish temple of gushing women's hatred. (description of alt. J-film "牧口雄二の世界")
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