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JLPT N2 Author: dc
upon, after
I will reply upon careful consideration.
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I will reply upon careful consideration.
#43 Author: dc

[What is the] Etiquette to pay attention to upon using email?
#392 Author: Amatuka

For the documents about the procedures, upon/after filling in the necessary events on them, please send it back here
#5889 Author: 誠

Since this conclusion is made upon/after the thorough discussion by everyone, (we/I) would like every member to follow it.
#5890 Author: 誠

A television is pretty useful to study [for study of] a foreign language.
#7075 Author: ZekkDistor

I decided upon the opinions of everyone.
#7192 Author: sureshnihon

Please sign after confirming the content.
#7193 Author: sureshnihon

It is a conclusion upon the deliberation.
#7191 Author: sureshnihon

It`s something I did full-knowing the consequences.
#8515 Author: karekano

I will give you my reaction after I have consulted my family.
#7029 Author: 赤毛

I would like to decide whether or not I rent the apartment after I have had a look inside the rooms.
#7030 Author: 赤毛

After I have listened to every explanation, I think I will enjoy the journey.
#7031 Author: 赤毛

After I have been told everybody's opinion, I will inform you next week.
#7032 Author: 赤毛

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