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Even though; Even if;
Even if you are busy, it is not good not to eat.
たとえ〜ても ・ 〜でも
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Whether you agree with him or not, that is thought-provoking.
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No matter the outcome, you at least have to try.
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You have no right to kill anybody, no matter the reason (for any reason).
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Whether a juvenile or an adult, if someone does something bad, he/she should receive strict punishment.
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You should decide soon whether or not you're going to take a trip.
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Even though you are poor, you should not steal
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Even if you become company President, it's better to be humble.
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Whether true or not true.
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However rich he may be, he cannot take his wealth to Hell!
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whether or not
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regardless of who ever you meet, bad manners are unacceptable.
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Even if it is a journey of three days only, preparation is necessary.
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Even if you are busy, it is not good not to eat.
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How so ever busy you may be, skipping the meals is not good.
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No matter how much skill you have, I don't think you can succeed without great effort.
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