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I'm going to an interview so please encourage me.
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Inventions are made as dictated by necessity.
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It is because the physical condition was bad that I returned that day.
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Oh, take your time. (Because) I'm in no hurry.
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Because I was sick, I couldn't sleep last night.
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Discussion and comments
A1 (plain form) + からです
A2 (root) + だから
N + だから
See also [node]
See also 'kara-2' (from)
what if kara comes at the end of a sentence? Are there any more examples of this?
kara at the end of a sentence seems like an answer to a question:
sore ha takai kara / okane ga nai node
because its expensive / because i dont have any money
(when you have just been asked why you didnt buy something)

dakara also isused at the end in the same way.
hiroko no koto dakara ...
because its hiroko...
I saw the following explanation of the difference between kara and node on a mailing list today:

The conjunction "kara" and "node" both express reason or cause. While "kara" is used for reason or cause of a speaker's volition, opinion and so on, "node" is for existing (existed) action or situation.
- Kino wa samukatta node uchi ni imashita. Since it was cold, I stayed home.
- Atama ga itakatta node gakkou o yasunda. Since I had a headache, I didn't go to school.
- Totemo shizukadatta node yoku nemuremashita. Since it was very quiet, I could sleep well.
- Yoku benkyou shita node shiken ni goukaku shita. Since I studied hard, I passed the examination.

The sentences expressing personal judgment such as speculation, suggestion, intention, request, opinion, volition, invitation, and so forth must take "kara."
- Kono kawa wa kitanai kara tabun sakana wa inai deshou. Since this river is polluted, there is probably no fish.
- Mou osoi kara hayaku nenasai. Go to bed, since it is getting late.
- Kono hon wa totemo omoshiroi kara yonda hou ga ii. This book is very interesting, so you'd better to read it.
- Kono kuruma wa furui kara atarashi kuruma ga hoshii desu. This car is old, so I want a new car.

While "kara" focuses more on the reason, "node" focuses more on the resulting effect. This is why the "kara" clause is used independently more often than "node".
- Doushite okureta no. Why were you late?
- Densha ni nori okureta kara. Because I missed the train.

"Kara" can be immediately followed by "~ desu."
- Atama ga itakatta kara desu. Because I had a headache. (OK)
- Atama ga itakatta node desu. Because I had a headache. (Not OK = Wrong)

Any comments, corrections?
Pls help as I am NOT able to click into the lines to flash out the glossary. It stated "no space" - why and how to rectify?
Onegai shimasu

It's the first time that I read an understandable explanation.
Thank you so much for it.
that's awesome guys! arigatou gozaimasu :D