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JLPT N2 Author: watashi5000
Show a strong feeling of opposition.
I would much rather...
I might as well marry a bird as marry you. [F]
#4681 Author: Miki

You may as well start at once as stay here.
#4682 Author: Miki

I might as well die as marry such a man.
#4683 Author: Miki

We might as well walk home as try to catch a taxi here.
#4684 Author: Miki

I may as well throw the money away as give it to him.
#4685 Author: Miki

I would quit before I would do that job in this company.
#4686 Author: Miki

I would rather stay at home than go out in this hot weather.
#4687 Author: Miki

We might as well eat dog food as eat such a dish.
#4688 Author: Miki

I would much rather endure and keep it to myself, rather than hurt my friends.
#3287 Author: dc

I would sooner die than give up.
#8263 Author: karekano

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