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JLPT N2 Author: dc
Although I bought a computer, I can't use it
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While SaaS knowhow is high in medium-scale companies and above, it is yet low in small-scale companies.
#7013 Author: mhykx

There are many theories about the sudden extinction of the dinosaurs, but the real cause still remains anyone's guess.
#4371 Author: CorDarei

Even though I have decided to go to the party, I'm still not satisfied.
#4372 Author: CorDarei

Although I decided to go to the party, my mood hasn't improved
#4373 Author: dc

They say you shouldn't take rumors seriously but that's easier said than done.
#4384 Author: dc

Fever went down but I still have a very bad cough.
#3225 Author: Miki

I bought a PC, but I have no idea how to use it.
#426 Author: dc

You are very lucky to get away with such a light injury, but be careful next time.
#3226 Author: Miki

While you can say the white lion cub is tame, it is a wild animal after all; so please do not let down your guard.
#3227 Author: Miki, dc

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