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zu, zuni
JLPT N2 Author: bi-ru
Without (doing)
Without thinking
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Without thinking I went outside barefoot .
#3216 Author: bi-ru

For a woman, this damn thing works without a mistake! Pervy remote control!
#3217 Author: bi-ru

Classes are hard in Japan without remembering Japanese
#5525 Author: cup

Why have you turned into a such a person who criticizes before trying?
#5526 Author: blabby

It is hard to live in Japan without mastering the Japanese language.
#5529 Author: Miki

Brought up without believing in love, Kan Jeho supports herself working while going to college.
#5536 Author: dc

With no rain, the water in the river dried up.
#7081 Author: Phenie

If I see worried people, I can't help but rescue them .
#6710 Author: 赤毛

Just after choosing this job almost without thinking about the future, I only have troubles now.
#6711 Author: 赤毛

This cloth seems strong without trying but weak in the action.
#6712 Author: 赤毛

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