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Edit  Amatuka
Ab ~seems (of somebody else's emotions & desires)
He (looks like) he wants a new car.
Edit  Amatuka
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Idiot! Get off her! Can't you see you're choking her? (Lit: ~Doesn't she look like she's suffering.)
Edit  #1573 Amatuka
Mr. Ogawa really looks like he wants a new car, doesn't he?
Edit  #713 Amatuka
Feel such pity, the baby crying for mother's milk.
Edit  #3049 bamboo4
Don't you act like a tough guy!
Edit  #3050 bamboo4
Don't be scared, try the roller coaster, it's fun!
Edit  #7003 タン
Since he broke up with his girlfriend, he's always seemed so sad.
Edit  #7004 agnestan
on`t be afraid of the barking dog.
Edit  #8165 karekano
She took her reluctant child to school.
Edit  #8166 karekano
Children seem to like sweety.
Edit  #8759 grafenberg
Children seem to like sweety.
Edit  #8760 grafenberg
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