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For Asians, dairy products are hard to digest
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Being able to teach at this university is a big honor for me.
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For people in this town, the shutdown of this plant is a matter of life and death.
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This is the safest place for you.
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For me, that photo is more important than anything.
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To the jews, the swastika is a sign of evil.
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In my case, I am really grateful for this environment.
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This sushi is not delicious for me (personally).
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It was sink or swim with me.
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A matter of no small concern to humans
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Poor eyesight is a handicap to a sportman.
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Mother`s milk is of great value to babies.
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A serious treat to Japan`s trade
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The apartament fire was a disaster for the family who lived there.
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Your exam today will be very significant for your future.
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It had great weight on her.
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for Asians, dairy products are hard to eat
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Floriculture is my biggest pleasure.
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