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tokoroni, tokorohe, tokorowo
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(Just) when
Just when I had decided to call her, she phoned me.
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I was having a cheeky cigarette and on that occasion, I was seen by my little sister
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An earthquake hit right when I was soundly asleep, and I jerked awake.
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Just when I had decided to give her a call, she phoned me.
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Just as the thief left the store, a policeman arrested him.
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Thank you very much for coming when you're so busy.
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I'm amazed that you came all the way out here when today is a holiday.
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「when」 I was about to sleep, my friend came over
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You came at a good time. I was just cutting up a watermelon. Lets eat together.
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I was just about to leave the house when the phone rang. The appointment was cancelled.
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From the very moment I saw he became confused, I am certain that he knows the truth.
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