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JLPT N2 Author: dc
while; during; as
みるみるうちに太った。/ He gained weight just while I was watching him.
While you are young, read many books.
#77 Author: dc

Accept implicitly.
#3159 Author: bamboo4

He gained weight just while I was watching him.
#3160 Author: bamboo4

Please go ahead and eat it while it's still hot
#6182 Author: minutiae

While you are free, come here and play with me please.
#3156 Author: bitco, Miki

Study hard while you are still a student .
#6184 Author: minutiae

I grew tired while I listened to the teacher speak.
#6186 Author: minutiae

While I was reading the letter I had received from my mother old home, tears went up spontaneously.
#6902 Author: brsdjbd

While there's still time, please do it.
#8548 Author: belajar

As I am learning Japanese, I begin to understand various aspects related with Japan.
#6904 Author: 赤毛

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