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although, despite
although he's tall, he can't run fast
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Even though he loves her, he can't tell her.
Edit  #6080 rubyhatchet
although Mr tanaka is a Japanese, he doesn't know much kanji.
Edit  #112 dc, bamboo4
Even though he knew, he didn't say anything? How rude!
Edit  #6079 rubyhatchet
Despite the fact he is tall, he cant run fast.
Edit  #358 dc
Despite being a grown-up, you don't even understand that! (ie: you're old enough to know better...)
Edit  #1341 bamboo4, dc
Even though you're able to do it, you don’t (even) try.
Edit  #3154 dc
Don't you brag your head off when you don't know anything!
Edit  #3172 bamboo4
Despite the fact that I am a Japanese, I strongly abhor Japanese grammar.
Edit  #3262 bamboo4
A policeman and afraid of a thief!
Edit  #4689 Miki
He is rich, and lives like a beggar.
Edit  #4691 Miki
His voice is as thin as he is fat.
Edit  #4692 Miki
Even though he knows, he won't tell me.
Edit  #6583 hana
Even though he's healthy, he pretends to be sick.
Edit  #6584 hana
That's a lot of power for a little girl.
Edit  #6622 cone
Although he lost my book, he told a lie.
Edit  #6977 amenya
It's too bad that there are people who have absolutely no money but keep buying expensive things.
Edit  #7118 timmy43
Though he is poor, he is generous.
Edit  #8264 karekano
She went on a picnic in spite of the pain in her leg.
Edit  #8265 karekano
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