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Noun (futsuumeishi)
foreign trainee system, technical intern training program

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ON: ガイ, ゲ KUN: そと, ほか, はず.す, はず.れる, と-

Stroke: 5 Grade: 2 JLPT: N4 SKIP: 1-3-2 FC: 2320.0

ON: コク KUN: くに

Stroke: 8 Grade: 2 JLPT: N4 SKIP: 3-3-5 FC: 6010.0

ON: ジン, ニン KUN: ひと, -り, -と

Stroke: 2 Grade: 1 JLPT: N4 SKIP: 4-2-4 FC: 8000.0

ON: KUN: わざ
skill, art, craft, ability, feat, performance, vocation, arts

Stroke: 7 Grade: 5 JLPT: N2 SKIP: 1-3-4 FC: 5404.4

ON: ノウ KUN: よ.く, あた.う
ability, talent, skill, capacity

Stroke: 10 Grade: 5 JLPT: N2 SKIP: 1-6-4 FC: 2221.1

ON: ジツ, シツ KUN: み, みの.る, まこと, みの, みち.る
reality, truth, seed, fruit, nut

Stroke: 8 Grade: 3 JLPT: N2 SKIP: 2-3-5 FC: 3053.3

ON: シュウ, ジュ KUN: なら.う, なら.い

Stroke: 11 Grade: 3 JLPT: N3 SKIP: 2-6-5 FC: 1760.0

ON: セイ
system, law, rule

Stroke: 8 Grade: 5 JLPT: N2 SKIP: 1-6-2 FC: 2220.0

ON: ド, ト, タク KUN: たび, -た.い
degrees, occurrence, time, counter for occurrences, consider, attitude

Stroke: 9 Grade: 3 JLPT: N3 SKIP: 3-3-6 FC: 0024.4