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Noun (futsuumeishi)
weight loss, weight reduction, weight decrease

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ON: タイ, テイ KUN: からだ, かたち
body, substance, object, reality, counter for images

Stroke: 7 Grade: 2 JLPT: N3 SKIP: 1-2-5 FC: 2523.3

ON: ジュウ, チョウ KUN: え, おも.い, おも.り, おも.なう, かさ.ねる, かさ.なる, おも
heavy, important, esteem, respect, heap up, pile up, nest of boxes, -fold

Stroke: 9 Grade: 3 JLPT: N3 SKIP: 4-9-2 FC: 2010.0

ON: ゲン KUN: へ.る, へ.らす
dwindle, decrease, reduce, decline, curtail, get hungry

Stroke: 12 Grade: 5 JLPT: N2 SKIP: 1-3-9 FC: 3315.5

ON: ショウ KUN: すく.ない, すこ.し
few, little

Stroke: 4 Grade: 2 JLPT: N4 SKIP: 4-4-4 FC: 9020.0