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Noun (futsuumeishi)
See also: 奉仕・1
voluntary activity, voluntary service, labor of love

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ON: ホウ, ブ KUN: たてまつ.る, まつ.る, ほう.ずる
observance, offer, present, dedicate

Stroke: 8 JLPT: N1 SKIP: 2-5-3 FC: 5050.0

ON: シ, ジ KUN: つか.える
attend, doing, official, serve

Stroke: 5 Grade: 3 JLPT: N3 SKIP: 1-2-3 FC: 2421.1

ON: カツ KUN: い.きる, い.かす, い.ける
lively, resuscitation, being helped, living

Stroke: 9 Grade: 2 JLPT: N2 SKIP: 1-3-6 FC: 3216.6

ON: ドウ KUN: うご.く, うご.かす
move, motion, change, confusion, shift, shake

Stroke: 11 Grade: 3 JLPT: N3 SKIP: 1-9-2 FC: 2412.2