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Irregular okurigana usage

Noun (futsuumeishi)
New Year's visit to a shrine or temple which lies in a favorable (favourable) or lucky direction

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ON: ケイ, エ KUN: めぐ.む, めぐ.み
favor, blessing, grace, kindness

Stroke: 10 JLPT: N2 SKIP: 2-6-4 FC: 5033.3

ON: ホウ KUN: かた, -かた, -がた
direction, person, alternative

Stroke: 4 Grade: 2 JLPT: N3 SKIP: 2-2-2 FC: 0022.2

ON: サン, シン KUN: まい.る, まい-, まじわる, みつ
nonplussed, three (in documents), going, coming, visiting, visit, be defeated, die, be madly in love, participate, take part in

Stroke: 8 Grade: 4 JLPT: N2 SKIP: 2-2-6 FC: 2320.0

ON: ケイ, ゲイ KUN: けい.する, まい.る, いた.る, もう.でる
visit a temple, arrive, attain

Stroke: 13 SKIP: 1-7-6 FC: 0166.6