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suru verb - special class
to face (each other), to be facing

suru verb - special class
to be directed toward (the future, etc.), to be in response to, to be related to

suru verb - special class
to receive (a client, etc.)

suru verb - special class
to compare with, to contrast with, to be in opposition with, to be opposed to

suru verb - special class
to confront, to oppose, to compete with

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Conjugated forms
Present, Future 対する, 対します
[does], will [do]
対しない, 対しません
doesn't [do], will not [do]
Past 対した, 対しました
対しなかった, 対しませんでした
didn't [do]
Te-form, Continuative 対して, 対しまして 対しないで, 対しませんで 対しなくて
ON: タイ, ツイ KUN: あいて, こた.える, そろ.い, つれあ.い, なら.ぶ, むか.う
vis-a-vis, opposite, even, equal, versus, anti-, compare

Stroke: 7 Grade: 3 JLPT: N2 SKIP: 1-4-3 FC: 0440.0

Parts: 原子力 (げんしりょく) 事故 (じこ) 対する (たいする) 最大限 (さいだいげん) 努力 (どりょく) 尽くす (つくす) 居る (おる)
We are making all efforts possible to deal with the nuclear crisis.