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Irregular kanji


Godan verb with 'u' ending
Transitive verb
to carry on one's back

Godan verb with 'u' ending
Transitive verb
to be burdened with, to take responsibility for

Godan verb with 'u' ending
Transitive verb
to have (something) in the background, to be in front (of something)

Meaning restricted to しょう
Godan verb with 'u' ending
Intransitive verb
See also: しょってる
in the form しょってる
to be conceited, to think highly of oneself

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Conjugated forms
Present, Future 背負う, 背負います
[does], will [do]
背負わない, 背負いません
doesn't [do], will not [do]
Past 背負った, 背負いました
背負わなかった, 背負いませんでした
didn't [do]
Te-form, Continuative 背負って, 背負いまして 背負わないで, 背負いませんで 背負わなくて
ON: ハイ KUN: せ, せい, そむ.く, そむ.ける
stature, height, back, behind, disobey, defy, go back on, rebel

Stroke: 9 Grade: 6 JLPT: N2 SKIP: 2-5-4 FC: 1122.2

ON: KUN: ま.ける, ま.かす, お.う
defeat, negative, -, minus, bear, owe, assume a responsibility

Stroke: 9 Grade: 3 JLPT: N2 SKIP: 2-2-7 FC: 2780.0

ON: セキ KUN: せ, せい
stature, height

Stroke: 10 SKIP: 2-6-4 FC: 1122.2

Parts: 彼女 (かのじょ) 背中 (せなか) リュックサック (リュックザック) 背負う (せおう)
She is carrying a backpack on her back.