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Irregular okurigana usage

Adverb (fukushi)
Takes the aux. verb suru
Usually written using kana alone
for a moment, for a minute

Adverb (fukushi)
Usually written using kana alone
for a while, for some time

Adverb (fukushi)
Usually written using kana alone
for the time being, for now

Interjection (kandoushi)
Usually written using kana alone
it's been a long time, long time no see

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ON: ザン KUN: しばら.く
temporarily, a while, moment, long time

Stroke: 15 JLPT: N1 SKIP: 2-11-4 FC: 5260.0

ON: KUN: しゅうとめ, しゅうと, おば, しばらく

Stroke: 8 SKIP: 1-3-5 FC: 4446.6

ON: ス, シュ KUN: すべから.く, すべし, ひげ, まつ, もち.いる, もと.める
ought, by all means, necessarily

Stroke: 12 JLPT: N1 SKIP: 1-3-9 FC: 2128.8

ON: ユ, ヨ, ヨウ
a little while, urging

Stroke: 9 SKIP: 4-9-4 FC: 7780.0

Parts: 此処 (ここ) 暫く (しばらく) (かれ) 丸で (まるで) 会う (あう)
I haven't seen anything of him for some time.

Parts: 貴方 (あなた) 働き過ぎる (はたらきすぎる) 暫く (しばらく) 座る (すわる) (らく) 為さい (なさい)
You are working too hard. Sit down and take it easy for a while.

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