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Ichidan verb
Intransitive verb
to pass through, to pass by, to go beyond

Ichidan verb
Intransitive verb
to pass (i.e. of time), to elapse

Ichidan verb
Intransitive verb
to have expired, to have ended, to be over

Ichidan verb
Intransitive verb
to exceed, to surpass, to be above

Ichidan verb
Intransitive verb
as 〜に過ぎない, etc.
to be no more than ...

Ichidan verb
Intransitive verb
Usually written using kana alone
often used after adj. stems or the -masu stems of verbs
to be excessive, to be too much, to be too ...

すぎる: too; too much; excessively
Conjugated forms
Present, Future すぎる, すぎます
[does], will [do]
すぎない, すぎません
doesn't [do], will not [do]
Past すぎた, すぎました
すぎなかった, すぎませんでした
didn't [do]
Te-form, Continuative すぎて, すぎまして すぎないで, すぎませんで すぎなくて
ON: KUN: す.ぎる, -す.ぎる, -す.ぎ, す.ごす, あやま.つ, あやま.ち, よ.ぎる
overdo, exceed, go beyond, error

Stroke: 12 Grade: 5 JLPT: N2 SKIP: 3-3-9 FC: 3730.0

Parts: 今日 (きょう) (また) 寂しい (さびしい) 一日 (いちにち) 過ぎる (すぎる)
Another lonely day.

Parts: 此の (この) スープ 塩っぱい (しょっぱ) 過ぎる (すぎる) 飲める (のめる)
This soup is too salty to eat.

Parts: (かれ) 彼女 (かのじょ) 気付く (きづく) 事無く (ことなく) 走る (はしる) 過ぎる (すぎる)
He ran past without noticing her.

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