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Noun (futsuumeishi)
application problem, exercises

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ON: オウ, ヨウ, -ノウ KUN: あた.る, まさに, こた.える
apply, answer, yes, OK, reply, accept

Stroke: 7 Grade: 5 JLPT: N2 SKIP: 3-3-4 FC: 0023.3

ON: ヨウ KUN: もち.いる
utilize, business, service, use, employ

Stroke: 5 Grade: 2 JLPT: N3 SKIP: 3-2-3 FC: 7722.2

ON: モン KUN: と.う, と.い, とん
question, ask, problem

Stroke: 11 Grade: 3 JLPT: N3 SKIP: 3-8-3 FC: 7760.0

ON: ダイ
topic, subject

Stroke: 18 Grade: 3 JLPT: N3 SKIP: 3-9-9 FC: 6180.0