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Interjection (kandoushi)
Polite (teineigo) language
yes, that is correct

Interjection (kandoushi)
understood, I see, OK, okay

Interjection (kandoushi)
as a response to a roll call
present, here

Interjection (kandoushi)
with rising intonation
pardon?, what's that?, come again?

Interjection (kandoushi)
used when calling for someone's attention or when handing something to someone
now, here you go

Interjection (kandoushi)
giddy-up, giddap

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Parts: はい どうぞ (きみ) 飛行機 (ひこうき) (なか) 読む (よむ) 雑誌 (ざっし)
Here's a magazine for you to read in the plane.

"Hello, is this Mrs. Brown?" "Yes, this is Mrs. Brown."