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ホームオートメーション, ホーム・オートメーション
home automation, HA
see, you see, ha
, 10, 拾, 一〇, じゅう, とお, と
Numeric, 拾 is used in legal documents
1. ten
Only とお
2. ten years of age
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両手, りょうて
1. both hands, both arms
from the number of fingers on both hands; used as secret jargon
2. ten
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, シー
十本, じっぽん, じゅっぽん
ten (long cylindrical things)
10, ten
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, じゅう
See 十・1
1. 10, ten
2. book containing a collection of poems
中毒性表皮壊死症, ちゅうどくせいひょうひえししょう
Medicine term
toxic epidermal necrosis, TEN
シュウ, ジュウ, ひろ.う
pick up, gather, find, go on foot, ten
遺伝的アルゴリズム, いでんてきアルゴリズム
Computer terminology
genetic algorithm, GA
よう, よー
Auxiliary verb, on non-五段 stem, e.g. 食べる→食べよう; indicates intention
1. (I) will, (I) shall
on non-五段 stem; indicates suggestion or invitation
2. let's
on non-五段 stem; indicates speculation
3. (I) wonder (if), might it be (that), maybe, perhaps, perchance
Interjection, Familiar language
4. hey, yo, hi
Particle, See よ, empathetic version of よ
5. come on
1. Yo! (greeting)
2. Wow! (expression of surprise)
おいっす, ういっす, オイッス, うぃーっす, うぃーす, ウイッス
Interjection, Male term, Colloquialism
hey, yo, hi
Interjection, See 今日は, See っす, Colloquialism
hi, yo
おっす, 押忍, 押っ忍, おす
Interjection, Male term, Usually in kana, greeting used between close friends
hi!, yo!, hey man!, hey dude!
ああ, 嗚呼, 噫, 嗟, あー, あぁ, アー, アア, アァ
Interjection, Usually in kana, also written as 於乎, 於戯, 嗟乎, 嗟夫, 吁, etc.
1. ah!, oh!, alas!
2. yes, indeed, that is correct
in exasperation
3. aah, gah, argh
4. hey!, yo!
5. uh huh, yeah yeah, right, gotcha
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Particle, at sentence-end; indicates certainty, emphasis, contempt, request, etc.
1. hey, you, hold on
2. yo
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