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区内, くない
in the ward or borough
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宮内, くない
1. inside the Imperial Palace
See 宮内省
2. Department of the Imperial Household
苦無, くない
1. ninja throwing knives
orig. meaning
2. mediaeval farming tool for digging, prying, etc.
宮内庁, くないちょう
Imperial Household Agency
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ぐない, グナイ
Interjection, See グッドナイト, Abbreviation
good night
Expression, See くれる・3, Colloquialism, irreg. variant of くれない; after -te form of verb
won't do (for me)
宮内官, くないかん
court officer (from the Imperial Household Department)
宮内省, くないしょう
See 宮内庁, Obsolete term
Department of the Imperial Household
宮内大臣, くないだいじん
See 宮内省
Minister of the Imperial Household
国内, こくない, こくだい, くぬち
May take 'no'
internal, domestic
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少ない, 少い, 尠い, 寡い, すくない
few, a little, scarce, insufficient, seldom
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数少ない, かずすくない
few in number
国内旅行, こくないりょこう
domestic travel
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枠内, わくない
within the limits (framework, boundaries, price, etc.)
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学内, がくない
May take 'no'
within the school
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屋内, おくない
May take 'no'
indoor (court, pool, etc.)
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閣内, かくない
May take 'no'
(inside the) Cabinet
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思わしくない, おもわしくない
disappointing, unsatisfactory, unsuitable
白内障, 白内症, はくないしょう
Medicine term
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極内, ごくない
highly confidential, top secret
洛内, らくない
in Kyoto or the capital
くない, かたくない
as 〜に難くない
easy (to ...)
くない, 違うくない, ちがくない, ちがうくない
Expression, See 違う・1, Colloquialism, grammatically incorrect negation of 違う
1. isn't it (that) different (from usual, from what one could expect, etc.)?, isn't that wrong?
as a response to a question containing 違う
2. no, that's wrong, it's not like that, that's not the case
クナイ, いくない
Expression, See いい・1, Internet slang, Humorous term, incorrect conjugation of いい
not good, bad
芳しくない, 芳しく無い, かんばしくない
poor, not satisfactory, undesirable, unfavourable, unfavorable, disgraceful
お安くない, おやすくない
on very good terms with each other, romantically attached
See らしい
unusual, different
少なくない, すくなくない
not negligible, not a little, to no small degree, to no small extent, quite a lot
好きくない, すきくない
See 好き・すき・1, Colloquialism, grammatically incorrect negation of 好き
disliking, not liking
くない, 良くない
Interjection, Usually in kana
1. (that's) no good, is it?
Antonym: いいね・2
2. dislike (on social media, etc.), thumbs-down, downvote
局内, きょくない
May take 'no'
within an office (bureau, branch, etc.)
残り少ない, 残りすくない, のこりすくない
having little left, having few remaining, running short, running low, scant
国内向け, こくないむけ
May take 'no'
for domestic use
面目ない, 面目無い, めんぼくない
国内線, こくないせん
domestic air route, domestic airline (company)