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近く, ちかく
May take 'no', Adverb, See 近い・1
1. near, neighbourhood, neighborhood, vicinity
Noun, used as a suffix
2. nearly (e.g. "it took nearly one year"), close to
3. shortly, soon
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知覚, 智覚, ちかく
Takes suru, Transitive
perception, sensation, awareness
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地殻, ちかく
(Earth's) crust
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地核, ちかく
See 核・7
(Earth's) core
近い, ちかい
Conjugated: ちかく
1. near, close, short (distance)
2. close (in time), soon
3. close (relationship), friendly, intimate
4. closely related
5. similar, almost the same, close to, nearly
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資格, しかく
qualifications, requirements, capabilities
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自覚, じかく
Takes suru, Transitive
self-consciousness, self-awareness
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地殻変動, ちかくへんどう
Geology term
1. diastrophism (movement and deformation of the earth's crust)
2. upheaval (e.g. in politics), seismic shift, earthshaking changes
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視覚, しかく
May take 'no'
sense of sight, vision
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四角, しかく
NA-adjective, May take 'no'
quadrilateral, square
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死角, しかく
1. blind spot (e.g. of a driver)
2. dead angle, dead ground, dead space, sector without fire
痔核, じかく
May take 'no'
耳殻, じかく
external ear, auricle
知覚知, ちかく
knowledge by acquaintance
時角, じかく
Astronomy term
hour angle
詩客, しかく
See 詩人, Rare
視角, しかく
visual angle
知覚麻痺, ちかくまひ
刺客, しかく, しきゃく, せっかく, せきかく
知覚力, ちかくりょく
May take 'no'
perceptivity, perceptual ability
地下空間, ちかくうかん
underground space, subterranean space, subterranea
知覚過敏, ちかくかびん
Medicine term
hyperesthesia, hypersensitivity
寺格, じかく
status of a Buddhist temple
字画, じかく
strokes in a Chinese character, stroke count of a Chinese character
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知覚品質, ちかくひんしつ
perceived quality
地殻均衡, ちかくきんこう
See アイソスタシー, Geology term
知覚障害, ちかくしょうがい
Medicine term
perceptual disorder, disturbance of perception, sensory disturbance
地殻均衡説, ちかくきんこうせつ
See アイソスタシー, Geology term, Rare
(theory of) isostasy
知覚神経, ちかくしんけい
sensory nerve
打ち欠く, 打欠く, うちかく
Godan verb, Transitive
1. to break off, to knock off
go (game)
2. to create a false eye by sacrificing a stone
勝ち確, かちかく
certain victory
側近く, そば近く, 傍近く, そばちかく
内衣嚢, 内隠し, うちかく
inside pocket
日較差, にちかく, にっこうさ
diurnal range (of temperature), daily range
幕内格, まくうちかく
Sumo term
referee officiating at bouts of rank-and-file wrestlers in the highest division
触知覚, しょくちかく, しょっちかく
haptic perception, sensation of touch, tactual perception, tactile perception
時間知覚, じかんちかく
time perception, chronognosis