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地価, ちか
the price of land
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地下, ちか
May take 'no', Antonym: 地上・1
1. underground, below the ground
2. world of the dead, the grave
3. underground (activities, movement, etc.), secret, illegal, in hiding
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治下, ちか
May take 'no'
under the rule of
, ちか
1. force, strength, might, vigour, vigor, energy
2. capability, ability, proficiency, capacity, faculty
3. efficacy, effect
4. effort, endeavours, endeavors, exertions
5. power, authority, influence, good offices, agency
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近く, ちか
May take 'no', Adverb, See 近い・1
1. near, neighbourhood, neighborhood, vicinity
Noun, used as a suffix
2. nearly (e.g. "it took nearly one year"), close to
3. shortly, soon
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近い, ちか
1. near, close, short (distance)
2. close (in time), soon
3. close (relationship), friendly, intimate
4. closely related
5. similar, almost the same, close to, nearly
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近づく, 近付く, ちかづく, ちかずく
Godan verb, Intransitive
1. to approach, to draw near, to get close
2. to get acquainted with, to get closer to, to get to know
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地下鉄, ちかてつ
See 地下鉄道, Abbreviation
subway, metro, underground (railway)
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近しい, 親しい, ちかしい
See 親しい・したしい・1
intimate, close
誓う, 盟う, ちか
Godan verb, Transitive
to swear, to vow, to take an oath, to pledge
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近頃, 近ごろ, ちかごろ
lately, recently, nowadays
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力強い, ちからづよい
1. powerful, strong, forceful, vigorous
2. reassuring, encouraging
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鹿, しか, かせぎ, か, ろく, シカ
deer (esp. the sika deer, Cervus nippon), cervid
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近づき, 近付き, ちかづき
See お近づき, usu. お〜
acquaintance, making someone's acquaintance
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近づける, 近付ける, ちかづける
Ichidan verb, Transitive
1. to bring near, to bring close, to let go near
2. to associate with, to bring (people) together, to let come near (of a person)
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近道, 近路, ちかみち
Takes suru, Intransitive
shorter way, shortcut
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近寄る, 近よる, ちかよる
Godan verb, Intransitive
to approach, to draw near
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地下室, ちかしつ
cellar, basement
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地下水, ちかすい
underground water
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近寄せる, ちかよせる
Ichidan verb, Transitive
1. to bring close, to bring near
2. to associate with (someone), to keep company with, to let come close
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近々, 近近, 近ぢか, ちかぢか, きんきん
1. soon, before long, shortly, in the near future
Only ちかぢか, Adverb taking the 'to' particle
2. close (by), nearby
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知覚, 智覚, ちか
Takes suru, Transitive
perception, sensation, awareness
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力が入る, ちからがはいる, りきがはいる
Expression, Godan verb, See 力を入れる
1. to be filled with strength, to be filled with effort, to be under strain, to be under pressure
2. to be enthusiastic about
Sumo term
3. to be tired (ironic)
地殻変動, ちかくへんどう
Geology term
1. diastrophism (movement and deformation of the earth's crust)
2. upheaval (e.g. in politics), seismic shift, earthshaking changes
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誓い, ちか
oath, vow
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痴漢, ちか
molester, groper, masher, pervert
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地下道, ちかどう
subterranean tunnel
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力持ち, ちからもち
muscleman, strong man
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時価, じか
May take 'no'
current value, price, market value
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地殻, ちか
(Earth's) crust
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歯科, しか
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自家, じか
one's own house, personal, autologous
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, 爾, しか
Interjection, Archaism
1. like that, as such
2. yeah, uh-huh
沈下, ちんか
Takes suru, Intransitive
sinking, subsidence
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鎮火, ちんか
Takes suru, Transitive, Intransitive
extinguishing, dying out (of a fire), putting out