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50, 五十, 五〇, ごじゅう, いそ, い
fifty, 50
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トゴ, 十五
Usually in kana, from 十日で五割
black-market loan charging 50% interest every ten days
500, 五百, 5百, 五〇〇, ごひゃく, いお
1. 500, five hundred
2. many
借金, しゃっきん
Takes suru, Transitive
1. debt, loan, liabilities, borrowing money
Baseball term, Colloquialism
2. number of games under the .500 mark
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知命, ちめい
age 50
五分五分, 5分5分, ごぶごぶ
May take 'no', yojijukugo
as likely as not, 50-50, even match, tie
50代, 五十代, ごじゅうだい
(one's) 50s, fifties
50年代, ごじゅうねんだい
the '50s, the fifties
天命を知る, てんめいをしる
Expression, Godan verb
to turn 50, to reach 50 years of age
ロング缶, ロングかん
500 ml can
50円玉, 五十円玉, 五〇円玉, ごじゅうえんだま
50 yen coin
500円玉, 五百円玉, 5百円玉, ごひゃくえんだま
500 yen coin
ワンコインタクシー, ワンコイン・タクシー
500-yen taxi
ワンコイン弁当, ワンコインべんとう
500-yen bento
ゼロはん, 0半, ゼロ半, 零半, ゼロハン
Usually in kana
50cc motorbike
五分, ごぶ
1. half, 50%, tie, evenness
2. 5 parts, 5%
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二分の一, にぶんのいち
a half, 50%
, りょ
historical term
500-man battalion (Zhou dynasty Chinese army)
Noun or verb acting prenominally
one-coin (i.e. able to be paid for with only one coin, esp. a 500-yen coin, sometimes a 100-yen coin), costing 500 yen, costing 100 yen
ハーフミラー, ハーフ・ミラー
half mirror, 50% beam splitter
原付一種, げんつきいっしゅ
motorcycle, less than or equal to 50cc
M3層, エムスリーそう
50 and older male demographic (target audience)
F3層, エフスリーそう
50 and older female demographic (target audience)
五十日の祝, いかのいわい
See 五十日・いか・1
celebration held 50 days after the birth of a child
長水路, ちょうすいろ
swimming pool lane which is longer than 50 meters
大規模半壊, だいきぼはんかい
Law term
partial building damage comprising 50-70% of the surface area
五時教, ごじきょう
See 五時八教, Buddhist term
division of the Buddha's 50-year teachings into five periods (theory of the Tendai sect)
大吟醸, だいぎんじょう
See 精米歩合・せいまいぶあい
top-quality sake brewed from rice grains milled to 50% of weight or less
8050問題, はちじゅうごじゅうもんだい, はちまるごまるもんだい
8050 problem, social issue of reclusive people in their 50s living with parents in their 80s
五時八教, ごじはっきょう
See 五時教, Buddhist term
division of the Buddha's 50-year teachings into five time periods and eight categories (theory of the Tendai sect)
間日, まび, あいび
1. day off (between working days)
See 干支・1
2. 50th, 53rd, 55th or 59th day of the sexagenary cycle
3. non-fever day (when running an intermittent fever, e.g. malaria)
フリーピストル, フリー・ピストル
Sports term
free pistol event, 50 metre pistol (meter)
大会社, だいがいしゃ
1. large company, major corporation
Law term
2. company with over 500 million yen in capital or over 20 billion yen in liabilities