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, , 漆, 柒, しち, なな, ひち, な
Numeric, 漆 is used in legal documents
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, かい
1. counter for occurrences
2. a time, an instance
3. inning (baseball), round, game
Noun, used as a suffix, Colloquialism
4. episode, chapter, instalment
See 回族, Abbreviation
5. Hui (people)
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廻る, , みる
Ichidan verb, Archaism
to go around
, , 弐, 弍, 貳, 貮, に, ふた, ふ, ふう
Numeric, ふ and ふう used mainly when counting aloud; 弐, 貳 and 貮 are used in legal documents
two, 2
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, てん
1. dot, spot, point, speck, mark
2. mark (in an exam, etc.), grade, score, points
3. point (in a game), goal, run, aspect, matter, detail, part, respect, way, viewpoint
4. (punctuation) mark (e.g. comma, period, decimal point)
5. "dot" stroke (in a Chinese character)
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ちょぼ, , チョボ
Usually in kana
1. dot, point, mark
See 義太夫
2. gidayū musicians (in kabuki)
ぽち, , ぽつ
Usually in kana
1. dot, point, mark
Only ぽち, Dialect: Kansai-ben
2. tip, gratuity
Suffix, See ぽっち・1, often as っぽち
3. a little, paltry, piddling, mere
1. indicates direct object of action
2. indicates subject of causative expression
3. indicates an area traversed
4. indicates time (period) over which action takes place
5. indicates point of departure or separation of action
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