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600, 六百, 6百, 六〇〇, ろっぴゃく
600, six hundred
ゼロ, , 〇, 零
See 零・れい, 〇 used with kanji numerals
1. zero, 0, nought, nil
Usually in kana
2. nothing, zilch
, , 〇, れい
zero, nought
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, 圓, えん
1. yen (Japanese monetary unit)
2. circle
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, , まる, マル
See ○・まる・1
1. circle
Noun, used as a prefix
2. entirety, whole, full, complete
3. money, dough, moola
esp. 丸
4. enclosure inside a castle's walls
See スッポン・1, Dialect: Kansai-ben
5. soft-shelled turtle
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丸い, , まるい, まろい
丸い usu. refers to ball-shaped, and 円い to disc-shaped objects
1. round, circular, spherical
2. curved, smooth
See 丸く収まる
3. harmonious, calm, peaceful, amiable, amicable
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燃やす, 燃す, もやす, もす
Conjugated: もした
Godan verb, Transitive
1. to burn
2. to burn with (emotion, feeling), to be fired up
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模す, 摸す, もす
Conjugated: もした
Godan verb, Transitive, See 模する
1. to imitate, to copy, to mock, to replace, to model after
2. to trace, to forge