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, ワン
Numeric, See 一・いち・1
, , 壱, 弌, 壹, いち
Numeric, Prefix, 壱, 弌 and 壹 are used in legal documents
1. one
May take 'no', Suffix
2. best
3. first, foremost
4. beginning, start
Noun, used as a prefix, before a noun
5. a (single), one (of many)
一つ, , 一, ひとつ
1. one
often used in itemized lists
2. for one thing
after a noun
3. only
with a verb in negative form
4. (not) even
Adverbial noun
5. just (e.g. "just try it")
, , 拾, 一〇, じゅう, とお, と
Numeric, 拾 is used in legal documents
1. ten
Only とお
2. ten years of age
一番, , いちばん
May take 'no'
1. number one, first, first place
2. best, most
3. game, round, bout
See 試しに
4. as a test, as an experiment, by way of experiment, by way of trial, tentatively
5. song (e.g. in noh), piece
一日, , いちにち, いちじつ, ひとひ, ひとえ
1. one day
Adverbial noun, See 一日中・いちにちじゅう
2. all day (long), throughout the day
See ついたち・1
3. first day of the month
じゅういち, 十一, , ジュウイチ
Only じゅういち, Numeric
1. eleven, 11
2. jack (playing card)
Usually in kana, ateji derived from its call
3. Hodgson's hawk-cuckoo (Cuculus fugax), Horsfield's hawk cuckoo
ひとり, 一人, , 独り, いちにん
esp. 一人, 1人
1. one person
Only ひとり, See 一人で
2. being alone, being by oneself
esp. 独り
3. being single, being unmarried
4. by oneself, alone
Usually in kana, with neg. sentence
5. just, only, simply
十五, , じゅうご
15, fifteen
十二, , じゅうに
1. twelve, 12
2. queen (playing card)
ひとつがい, 一番, 一つがい, つがい
Usually in kana
pair, couple, brace
十八, , じゅうはち
18, eighteen
十三, , じゅうさん
1. thirteen, 13
2. king (playing card)
十四, , じゅうし, じゅうよん
14, fourteen
十六, , じゅうろく
16, sixteen
いっぱい, 一杯, , 一ぱい, ぱい, 一盃
May take 'no'
1. amount necessary to fill a container (e.g. cupful, spoonful, etc.), drink (usu. alcoholic)
2. full
3. one squid, octopus, crab, etc., one boat
Adverb, Usually in kana
4. fully, to capacity
5. a lot, much
十九, , じゅうきゅう
19, nineteen
十七, , じゅうしち, じゅうなな
17, seventeen
一度, , 一たび, ひと度, 一とたび, いちど, ひとたび
Adverbial noun
1. once, one time, on one occasion
Only ひとたび
2. temporarily, for a moment
Only いちど
3. one degree, one tone, one musical interval
一週間, 週間, いっしゅうかん
one week
00, 百, 陌, 佰, 一〇〇, ひゃく, もも, はく
Numeric, 陌 and 佰 are used in legal documents
100, hundred
一回, , いっかい
Adverbial noun
once, one time, one round, one game, one bout, one heat, one inning
0月, 十月, 一〇月, じゅうがつ
1. October
2. tenth month of the lunar calendar
一本, , いっぽん
See 本・ほん・5
1. one long cylindrical thing, one film, TV show, etc., one goal, home run, etc., one telephone call
2. one version
3. one book, a certain book
Martial arts term
4. ippon, one point, a blow
See 半玉・はんぎょく
5. geisha
1月, 十一月, 一一月, じゅういちがつ
1. November
2. eleventh month of the lunar calendar
2月, 十二月, 一二月, じゅうにがつ
1. December
2. twelfth month of the lunar calendar
, 一月, いちがつ
1. January
2. first month of the lunar calendar
, 一割, いちわり
ten percent
対1, 一対一, いちたいいち, いったいいち
May take 'no'
one-to-one, one-on-one
0代, 十代, じゅうだい
1. the teens (10-19), teenage
See 代・2
2. the tenth generation
19番, 一一九番, ひゃくじゅうきゅうばん
Takes suru
119, ambulance and fire brigade emergency telephone number
10番, 一一〇番, ひゃくとおばん
Takes suru
110, the police emergency telephone number
00均, 百均, ひゃっきん
See 100円均一ショップ, See 100円均一, Abbreviation
hundred-yen store, 100 yen shop
000円, 千円, せんえん
1000 yen
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