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黒焦げ, 黒こげ, くろこげ
May take 'no'
charred, burnt black, scorched black
西, にし
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二死, にし
Baseball term
two out, two down (and one to go)
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二士, 2士, にし
See 二等陸士, Military term, Abbreviation
private (JGSDF)
二至, にし
the two solstices (summer and winter)
, にし, のし
Pronoun, See 主・ぬし・6, Archaism, Familiar language
にし, 螺, 辛螺, ら, ニシ
Usually in kana
small spiral-shelled snail, spiral shellfish
Expression, col. form of しまいました or しまった
finished doing, did completely
ちゃう, じゃう
Conjugated: ちゃった
Auxiliary verb, Godan verb, contraction of ..て or で plus しまう
1. to do completely
2. to do accidentally, to do without meaning to, to happen to do
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Particle, See 乃, occasionally ん, orig. written 乃 or 之
1. indicates possessive
2. nominalizes verbs and adjectives
See が・1
3. substitutes for "ga" in subordinate phrases
often ん
4. (at sentence-end, falling tone) indicates a confident conclusion
Female term or language
5. (at sentence-end) indicates emotional emphasis
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