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, くろ
See 白・1
1. black
2. black go stone
3. guilt, guilty person
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, くろじ
Antonym: 赤字・1
1. (being in) the black, surplus
2. black letter
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, こくじん
1. black person
See 玄人・2, Archaism
2. woman in the nightlife business, demimondaine, geisha and prostitutes
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, くろい
1. black
2. dark, blackish, sun-tanned (skin)
3. suspicious, criminal, illicit
4. darkened and dirty, sooty, covered in dirt
5. evil, wicked, black-hearted
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玄人, , くろうと, くろと
Antonym: 素人・しろうと・1
1. expert, professional, master, connoisseur
See 素人・2
2. woman in the nightlife business, demimondaine, geisha and prostitutes
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めぐろ, 目, メグロ
Usually in kana
Bonin white-eye (Apalopteron familiare)
, こくばん
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, こっかい
May take 'no'
Black Sea
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, しろくろ
May take 'no'
1. black and white, monochrome
2. good and evil, right and wrong, guilt and innocence
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真っ, まっ, 真, まっくろ
pitch black
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, くろぼし
1. black spot, black dot, bull's-eye
See 負け星・まけぼし, Sumo term
2. mark indicating a defeat
3. loss, failure, mistake, faux pas
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, 闇, あんこく
NA-adjective, May take 'no'
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, くろき
unbarked lumber
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っぽい, くろっぽい
dark, blackish
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, くろまく
1. black curtain
2. wirepuller, mastermind, backroom manipulator, éminence grise, power broker
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, こくえん, くろけむり
black smoke
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, こくえん
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, くろいろ, こくしょく
May take 'no'
black (colour, color)
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, こくい, こくえ, くろぎぬ
black clothes
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, くろくも, こくうん
dark clouds, black clouds
, だいこくばしら
1. central pillar (of a building)
2. mainstay (e.g. of an economy), backbone (e.g. of a family), provider, main man
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, くろしお
Kuroshio Current, Japan Current
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, だいこく
See 大黒天, Abbreviation
1. god of wealth
2. monk's wife
, こくてん
1. black spot, dark spot
Astronomy term
2. sunspot
, ネコ, くろねこ, くろネコ
black cat
ずむ, くろずむ
Godan verb, Intransitive
to blacken, to darken
竜江省, こくりゅうこうしょう
Heilongjiang Province (China)
, くろしろ, こくはく, こくびゃく
black and white, right and wrong
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塗り, , くろぬり
May take 'no'
1. blackened, black-painted, black-lacquered, blacked out
2. blackened thing
, しっこく
May take 'no'
jet black
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, くろふね
historical term
1. black ships, Western ships that came to Japan between the 16th and 19th centuries, esp. those of the Perry Expedition in 1853
2. foreign disruptor (of the Japanese market), product, person, etc. arriving from the West and disturbing the Japanese market
, だい, くろだい, クロダイ
black porgy (Acanthopagrus schlegeli)
, くろいし
See 白石
1. black stone
2. black (go pieces)
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