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高い, 高価い, たかい
Only 高い, Antonym: 低い・1
1. high, tall
2. expensive, high-priced
3. high (level), above average (in degree, quality, etc.)
4. loud
5. high-pitched, shrill
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高校, こうこう
See 高等学校, Abbreviation
senior high school
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高さ, たかさ
See 高い・1, See 高い・2
height, altitude, elevation, level
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高齢, こうれい
May take 'no'
advanced age, old age
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高級, こうきゅう
NA-adjective, May take 'no'
1. high class, high grade
2. high rank, seniority
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高度, こうど
1. altitude, height, elevation
NA-adjective, May take 'no'
2. high-degree, high-grade, advanced, sophisticated, strong
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高官, こうかん
May take 'no'
high official
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高裁, こうさい
See 高等裁判所, Abbreviation
High Court
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高速, こうそく
NA-adjective, May take 'no'
1. high-speed, rapid, express
See 高速道路, Abbreviation
2. highway, freeway, expressway, motorway
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高知, こうち
Kōchi (city, prefecture)
高価, こうか
NA-adjective, Antonym: 安価・1
highly priced, expensive, valuable, costly
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高木, こうぼく
tall tree
高騰, 昂騰, こうとう
Takes suru
sudden price jump, steep price rise
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高額, こうがく
NA-adjective, May take 'no'
large sum (money)
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高等, こうとう
NA-adjective, May take 'no'
high class, high grade
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高層, こうそう
May take 'no', Antonym: 低層・1
1. high-rise (building), multistory, multistoried, tall
2. high (altitude), upper (atmosphere, air current, etc.)
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高原, こうげん
tableland, plateau
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高値, たかね
May take 'no'
high price
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高め, 高目, たかめ
May take 'no', NA-adjective
1. high (e.g. ball in baseball), highish, on the high side
See 安め・やすめ・1
2. on the expensive side, comparatively expensive
Mahjong term
3. wait tile which produces a winning hand with a higher score
高松, たかまつ
Takamatsu (city in Kagawa)
高崎, たかさき
Takasaki (city in Gunma)
高山, こうざん
May take 'no'
high mountain
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高温, こうおん
high temperature
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高卒, こうそつ
May take 'no', Abbreviation, abbr. of 高等学校卒業
high school graduate
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高揚, 昂揚, こうよう
Takes suru
elevation (of spirits), raising (of morale), uplift, upsurge
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高率, こうりつ
high rate
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高検, こうけん
High Public Prosecutors' Office
高地, こうち
May take 'no'
high ground, plateau, heights
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高熱, こうねつ
1. high fever
2. pyro-
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高見, こうけん
Honorific or respectful
1. your views, your opinion
orig. meaning
2. great idea, excellent idea
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高圧, こうあつ
May take 'no'
high voltage, high pressure
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高慢, こうまん
haughty, arrogant, proud, stuck-up
たかさご, 高砂, タカサゴ
Usually in kana
1. double-lined fusilier (Pterocaesio digramma)
2. Taiwan (nickname)
3. Takasago (classic noh play by Zeami)
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