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, 驛, えき
1. railway station, train station
historical term
2. staging post on a highway (in pre-modern Japan)
3. counter for railway stations and bus stations
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, えきまえ
in front of a station
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, えきでん
See 駅伝競走, Abbreviation
1. long-distance relay race
2. stagecoach, post horse
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, えきいん
(train) station attendant, station employee, station staff
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宿, しゅくえき
relay station, post station, stage
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, えきべん
1. boxed lunch bought at a station (often a local specialty)
Vulgar expression or word
2. sexual position in which one person stands supporting the other
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, えきしゃ
station building
, えきとう
, えきちょう
station master
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, えきふ
railway employee (porter)
, えきめい
station name
, かくえき
1. every station
See 各駅停車, Colloquialism, Abbreviation
2. local train, train that stops at every station
, とうえき
this (railway) station
, ちゃくえき
destination station, arriving station
, えきしゅ
station worker
, えきてい
delivery of packages, postal service
, はいえき
abandoned station, closed station
使, えきし, うまやづかい, はゆまづかい
official during the ritsuryo period who was allowed to use the state-provided stables and horses
, えきば
post horse, horses used in the post-station system of old Japan
, チカ, えきちか, えきチカ
May take 'no', Colloquialism
close to a station
, 驛子, えきし
staff at a horse changing station during the ritsuryo period
, しんえき
new (train) station
, えきむ
work at a train station, station service, station work
, しゅうえき
See 終着駅, Obscure term
terminal station
終着, しゅうちゃくえき
terminal station
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貨物, かもつえき
freight depot
主要, しゅようえき
principal stations
乗車, じょうしゃえき
entraining point
中間, ちゅうかんえき
way station
通過, つうかえき
station at which the train does not stop
分岐, ぶんきえき
民衆, みんしゅうえき
railway station built with government and popular support
連絡, れんらくえき
connecting station, station where you change