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飲む, 呑む, 飮む, のむ
Conjugated: 飲め
Godan verb, Transitive, 呑む often means swallowing whole, gulping, etc.
1. to drink, to gulp, to swallow, to take (medicine)
See 喫む, also written 喫む
2. to smoke (tobacco)
3. to engulf, to overwhelm
4. to keep down, to suppress
5. to accept (e.g. demand, condition)
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飲め, のめる
Ichidan verb
1. to be able to drink
2. to be worth drinking
飲めや歌え, のめやうたえ
吐いた唾は飲め, はいたつばはのめぬ
Expression, Proverb
words once spoken cannot be taken back